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Unlocking SEO Potential: Strategies and Insights with Marta Szmidt
July 9, 2024
Welcome to "Cutting Edge Web Content Development". In this episode, Jonathan Ames interviews Marta Szmidt, an experienced SEO Director. Marta shares her journey from the educational sector to highly competitive online industries, discussing unique challenges and strategies in SEO for complex platforms. She provides insights on technical SEO, link building, content creation, and brand protection in challenging niches.
Welcome to "Cutting Edge Web Content Development". In this insightful episode, host Jonathan Ames sits down with Marta Szmidt, an experienced SEO Director working in competitive online industries.

Marta takes us through her fascinating journey in the world of SEO, starting from her early days in the educational sector to her current role in a highly competitive online industry. She shares her experiences and the valuable lessons she learned along the way, emphasizing the importance of passion and continuous learning in the ever-evolving field of SEO.

The conversation delves deep into the technical aspects of SEO in challenging niches, discussing the complexities of working with different CMS systems, the importance of site crawlability, and the need for constant monitoring. Marta offers valuable insights into link building strategies, content creation approaches, and the critical role of brand protection in competitive industries.

Whether you're an SEO professional looking to expand your knowledge or a business owner seeking to improve your online presence in a competitive niche, this episode offers a wealth of practical advice and strategic insights. Tune in to learn from Marta's expertise and gain a deeper understanding of SEO in one of the most challenging and dynamic online landscapes.

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